Third New Jersey Cavalry
Albert Hans
bio written by Karen Denmark
     Albert Hans immigrated to the US in 1847
as a nineteen-year-old bachelor fleeing the
Prussian Civil War in Germany.  Little did he
know that sixteen years later, he would leave his
sickly wife and four children as he got caught up
in the American Civil War.

      In August 1864, Albert enlisted in Company
K of the 3rd New Jersey Cavalry with his younger
brother, Peter.  They were both enticed by the
$100 sign-on bonus.

       On January 28, 1865, Albert was wounded
near Warnersville, VA.  According to his pension
papers, "he dislocated his left ankle and
fractured his left leg by his horse falling on him;
his command was on a reconnaissance after
the rebels, the roads were frozen and icy, and
his horse smooth-shod, with no blacksmith
along to sharpen horse-shoes, and his horse
slipped and fell on said leg and ankle with the
results stated; in consequence thereof he is now
greatly disabled his said leg ankle, because of
weakness and pain therein."

        Albert was recuperating in a hospital in
Frederick City, MD when the rest of his company
was forcing Lee's surrender at Appomattox
      Within a year after the war, his wife died of dropsy (congested heart failure).  As as the custom with
"family men," he quickly remarried to provide a new mother to his children and went on to have twelve
more children.

      In 1890 he left his wife and moved to the National Military Home in Dayton, Ohio.  He resided there
until his death in 1906 at the age of 63.

      In a poignant letter written to the pension board after Albert's death, his widow summed up the
plight of many veterans: "My husband was like a great many other old soldiers.  He couldn't work,
became restless, went to Philadelphia to live with his daughter.  Then he would return home for a while
and finally got it into his head to go to the Soldiers Home at Dayton, Ohio.  He would come every three
or four months, stay a little while and then go back.  He finally died and was brought home and buried."
Vital Statistics
Born:  01 Jan  1828 in Kandel, Bavaria, Germany
Died: 18 May 1906 in Dayton, Ohio
Immigrated: 31 Oct 1847 to Easton, PA
First marriage: 03 March 1854 to Catherine Leidner in Easton,
Second marriage: 27 Oct 1866 to Dorothea Riegelein in
Easton, PA
Children's names: Theresa, Sabina, Filibina, John, Anna,
Maria, Peter, Carolina, Barbara, Albert, Jr., Frank, Willie, Emilia,
Fred, Elizabeth, George Washington, Hannah, Henry, Christina
Parents' names: Albert Hans and Christina Schweider
Occupation: Laborer, Pipe Chipper
Buried: Phillipsburg Cemetery, Fillmore Street, Phillipsburg, NJ
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