3rd New Jersey Cavalry
Company D

Mitchell, Michael, Capt.  [Was Captain of Company A, 162nd Reg. N.Y. Vols.; transferred to 3rd
N.J Cav to fill original vacancy; discharged Dec 2, '63;
source - Stryker]
Siebeth, Otto, Capt.   [Was 1st Lt. for Company K on Dec. 29th, '63; Promoted to Captain of
Company D when Mitchell was discharged;
source -Stryker]

Donnelly, James H.,1st Lt.  [Was a Sergeant in Co H, 2nd Cav Reg., Aug 6,'64; promoted to 1st
Lt. to fill original vacancy; dismissed July 27, '64;
source - Stryker]
Reeves, William P., 1st Lt. [Was A Private in Co B, Fifth New York Cavalry Vols.; Resigned to
take a commission as 2nd Lieut., Co C with the Third NJ Cav to fill original vacancy; Promoted to
1st Lieut., Co D, Feb 5, '65;
source - Stryker]

Kelly, Michael, 2nd Lt.  [Sgt. 2d Reg. U.S. Art., July 12, '64; 2d Lieut., vice Wadleigh resigned;
source -Stryker]
Wadleigh,  George R., 2nd Lt. [Resigned May 26, '64; source - Stryker]

Enlisted --

   1st Sergeant ---

Quinlisk, James    [Sgt. Nov 19, '63; 1st Sgt. Dec. 2, '63; Com. 2d Lieut. Co. C, Aug 4, '65; not
source - Stryker]

   Quarter Master Sergeant ---

Abbott, Ricard  [Serj. Nov. 23, '63; Qr. Mr. Serj. Dec. 2, '63; Discharged at Carver U.S. Army
General Hospital, Washington, DC on May 3, '65;
source - Stryker]

   Commissary Sergeants ---

Fuchs, Eugene  [Corp. Jan. 27, '64; Sgt. March 1, '64; Com. Sgt. Nov. 1, '64; source - Stryker]
Riley, John J. [Deserted July 28, '64, at Satterlee U.S. Army Gen. Hosp., West Phila., PA; source -

   Sergeants ----

Acker, Cornelius
Baker, John  [Transferred to Vet. Res. Corps., March 20, '65; discharged therefrom Nov. 28, '65;
source - Stryker]
Barclay, Robert J.   [Promoted to Serj. on May 1, '64; source - Stryker]
Brown, William P.  [Deserted March 29, '64 at Trenton, NJ; source -Stryker]
Scott, John [Promoted to Corp. Nov. 16, '63; Serj. on March 1, '64; Discharged at McDougal U.S.
Army Gen. Hospital, Fort Schuyler, New York Harbor,May 3, 65;
source - Stryker]
Waghter, August   [Promoted to Serj. on Sept. 1, '64; source - Stryker]

  Corporals ---

Frendenthal, Gustav August  [Recruit; Promoted to Corp. on Nov. 1, '64; source - Stryker] [Also
served as a private in Co K, 20th NY Inf.; wounded in the Battle of Antietam;
source - Pension Index,
]     Blog entry on Frendenthal and Antietam by Brian Downey
Hoff, Lewis   [Discharged at U.S. Army Gen. Hospital, Newark, NJ, July 19, 65 - Disability; source -
Schaffer, Jacob  [Promoted to Corp. on Sept. 1, '64; source - Stryker]
Smith, Albert G.

  Blacksmith ---

Meikrantz, George

   Privates ---

Abbott, William  [Mustered in Dec. 2, '63; Deserted Dec. 10, '63 at Camp Bayard, Trenton, NJ;
source -Stryker]
Ackerman, John J. [Recruit -Transferred from Company F; source - Stryker]
Adams, James [Mustered in Dec. 2, '63; Deserted Dec. 20, '63 at Camp Bayard, Trenton, NJ;
source -Stryker]
Adamson, William [Mustered in Dec. 2, '63; Deserted Dec. 20, '63 at Camp Bayard, Trenton, NJ;
source -Stryker]
Allen, George [Recruit; source - Stryker]
Allen, John   [Mustered in Dec. 2, '63; Deserted Dec. 24, '63 at Camp Bayard, Trenton, NJ; source
Allen, Richard  [Mustered in Dec. 2, '63; Deserted March 29, '64 at Bristol, PA; source - Stryker]
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