Third New Jersey Cavalry
Peter Hans
Bio written by Karen Denmark
      Peter Hans enlisted with his brother, Albert, as a private in Company K,
3rd NJ Cavalry on 19 Aug. 1864.

       On Feb 21, 1865, while on picket duty at Moorefield, VA, Peter was
captured by the infamous Mosby's Raiders.  He was held in Richmond until
March 26th and paroled to Camp Parole, MD.  Although he was only held one
month as a POW, the ordeal left him very sickly and weak.  At this time the
Union forces had Richmond under seize and food and supplies were extremely
scarce.  Release of the POWs was negotiated (in addition to other reasons) as
a way to spare the Richmond civilians more hardships.

       Upon his release as a POW, Peter was furloughed home to rest,
recuperate, and rebuild his strength.  It was during this furlough that Lee
surrendered at Appomattox Station.  Therefore, Peter only had to return to his
unit to be officially discharged.

       Peter had immigrated to the US in 1860 from Bavaria, Germany.  Shortly
after the war, the state granted citizenship to all foreign-born veterans without
the soldiers needing to undergo the normal application process.  Thus, on 4
Nov 1865, Peter Hans became a US citizen.

Born:  27 July 1835 in Kandel, Bavaria, Germany
Died:  6 June 1904 in Philadelphia, PA at 69 years of age from cancer
Marriage: Margaret Stoll on 12 October 1861
Parents' names: Albert Hans and Christina Schweider
Childrens' names: Margaret, Carolina, Catherine, Mary, Peter, Jr., Elizabeth,
and Charles
Occupation: Shoemaker and Police Officer
Buried: Phillipsburg Cemetery, Fillmore Street, Phillipsburg, NJ
Phillipsburg Cemetery, Phillipsburg, Warren County, NJ
photo credit - Karen Denmark
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