Fairfax Court House may 20th
Dear Mother,

                                      I received you kind letter a few days Since. also
letters from Abbie Fan and Carroll and I have just had one handed to me
from Pap.

                                      In the first place I will answer his inquiries in
regards to our Regiment.  tell him that the head quarters of the Regiment
is Still here, also our Camp, and that the Regiment Still draw their Rations
from here although they are Still near Warrington, and will Stay there until
there is another move made by the army of the Potomac unless they Should
be driven back by a Superior force.  he also wished to Know what forces
there were now Stationed here   tell him the 1st 5th 6th & 7th michigan  
18th Pennsylvan 2nd Penn  1st Ohio Cavalry 8th & 9th michigan 11th & 12th
Massachusetts & 7 Pennsylvania Batteries 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves 118th
NY 23rd & 24th Maine Infantry are now Stationed here.   besides the dead
Beats of our Brigade the 1st Virginia 1st vermont & 5th NYork, but there is
but a very few of them in camp as all that have horses have been Sent out
to the Regiment, there was Sixty of our Boys arrived here yesterday from
Parole Camp they  were captured in the winter and have just been
exchanged, they give kind of a hard account of their visit to Richmond.

                                      I think that I Shall go to the Regiment as Soon as I
can get a horse, as I am anxious to try my hand with the Ball and Steel and
I consider it my duty to do So,  as there are those in the Regiment that are
unfit for duty in the field on account of Sickness that could do my duty
here a well as I can, and I consider at the present time it is the duty of
every man that is able to take to the field to do So at once, as our
Regiments are Small as all old Regiments are that have seen as much hard
Service as our Briggade have, and every man is a help to them, providing he
is not a coward, and I think that they are very Searce with with us at least
I hope so.

                                     General Stahol gives our Regiment great praise, he
Says that the 5th & 6th NYork are the best 2 Cavalry regiments in the
field, the 6th is the Harris light Cavalry that went inside of the
fortifications at Richmond with Gen Stoneman a Short time Since.  well
there is no news So I will have to close tell Carroll and abbie I will ans
their letters as Soon as possible also Paps.  enclosed you will find a letter I
received a few days Since.  with no name attached  Show it to abbie and
tell her to let me Know whose writing it is.

                                                            Your affect Will

Write Soon
Letter # 3 From William Reeves to Home
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Third New Jersey Cavalry
Letter #4