Camp on 3rd NJ Cavalry
                                                                                   February 26th 1865

Dear Mother,

                                     Being the last time that I may have a chance to
write home for Some time I embrace to oportunity of answering your most
welcome letter which I received Some few days ago.

                                       We expect to Start on a raid with the whole
Cavalry Corps to morrow morning at Six oclock, there are many conjectors
as to where we are a going, but none of us can tell yet, there is one thing
certain that we will not be back inside of two weeks, unless we should be
badly whipped which is hard for the Johneys to do at the present time.

                                       Tell Carroll that I received his letters and
contents all right, and the Straps Suit me very well.

                                       We are having Splendid weather now, and I hope it
may continue to be pleasant until we return from our raid, General Custer
reviewed the division this morning, it was a grand Sight.

                                        Has Pap received my papers yet from Mr Fraxer

                                        Well mother I am prety mutch hurried a getting
my Company ready for the raid, So I will have to bring my letter to a close

               Write very Soon your affect Son           WPReeves
Letter #6 From William Reeves to Home
This letter is property of the National Archives of Washington, DC.  It has been transcribed here as genuinely as
possible, leaving intact any spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.
Third New Jersey Cavalry
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