Third New Jersey Cavalry
Newspaper Articles About the 3rd NJ Cavalry After the War
Jan. 7, 1880
Congratulatory Order---
During the Rebellion, the following congratulatory order was issued by the brave General Custer, to the men and officers of the Third Division of the Cavalry Corps. The praise given them was fairly won by the bravery, courage and determination of the Division, in the engagements in the "Valley": A friend, and an old veteran of the heroic struggle, furnishes us with the manuscript, and claims that the following has never before been in print:     Headquarters, Third Division Cavalry Corps, M.M.D., October 24, 64
Soldiers of the Third Cavalry Division:
With pride and gratification your Commanding General congratulates you upon your brilliant achievements of the past few days.
On the 9th of the present month, you attacked a vastly superior force of the enemy's cavalry, strongly posted with artillery, in position, and commanded by that famous "Savior of the Valley Bessor" Not withstanding the enemy's superiority in numbers and position, you drove him twenty miles, captured his artillery-six pieces in all; also his entire train of wagons and ambulances, and a large number of prisoners.
Again during the memorable engagement of the 19th inst., your conduct throughout was sublimely heroic, and without a parallel in the annals of warfare. In the early part of the day when disaster and defeat seemed to threaten our noble army upon all sides, your calm and determined bearing, while exposed to a terrible fire from the enemy's guns added no a little to restore confidence to that portion of our army already broken and driven back on the night.  Afterwards, rapidly transferred from the right flank to the extreme left you materially and successfully assisted in defeating the enemy in his attempt to turn the left flank of our army-
Again, ordered on the right flank, you attacked and defeated a division of the enemy's cavalry, driving him in confusion across Cedar Creek. Then charging your front to the left at a gallop, you changed and turned the left flank of the enemy's line of battle, and pursued his broken and demoralized army a distance of five miles.
Night alone put an end to your pursuit- Among the substantial fruits of this great victory, you can boast of having captured five battle flags, a large number of prisoners including, Major General Bamseur and forty-five of the forty-eight pieces of artillery which you have captured from the enemy within the short period of ten days.
This is a record of which you may well be proud-a record won and established by your gallantry and perseverance.
You have surrounded the named of the Third Cavalry Division with a halo as enduring as time. The history of this war, when truthfully written, will contain no brighter page than that upon which is recorded the chivalrous deeds and glorious triumphs of the soldiers of the Third Division.
Brigadier General Commanding
Official:--Chas. Liebert
Source: Lambertville Record, Lambertville, NJ; Submitted by Carol Reading Morris